Welcome to the blog for the library of the Occupy Wall Street movement – The People’s Library. We’re just getting this site up and running, if you’d like to join the effort, you can help by donating books, joining us at Liberty Plaza, volunteering to work shifts at the library or whatever you would like to contribute. Just let us know.


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  1. clochner@pratt.edu

    If I want to volunteer (i am available wednesday and thursday afternoons) should I just go on down and speak to somebody directly?


  2. Expatlibrarian

    Bravo to Betsy and all of those bringing this library to fruition! I’m so proud to be a part of a profession that strives to put information freely into all people’s hands. An informed public is an empowered public. Your library is a truly fine example of our mission.

  3. Some Radical Reference folks and I are hoping to come down sometime on Friday. Are there better/worse times for us to join y’all and see what we can do to help?

  4. Michael

    Hi Jon, Thank you! Please do bring the books, we are glad to accept all donations. It would also be helpful, if you could bring them in plastic bins with lids – as the entire library is outdoors, so we need something to store them in and you have quite a lot of books here.

  5. Jon

    What kind of books are you looking for? I have all of these to donate: http://books.google.com/books?uid=104224739410736908252&as_coll=1001&source=gbs_lp_bookshelf_list

    I might have given away a handful of those and not updated, but you get the idea – fiction, lefty non-fiction, a handful of textbooks. My roommates also want to donate books – but I don’t want to leave you all with an unwieldy pile of books no one wants for you to have to deal with! Please follow up via e-mail.

  6. Briar

    Beautiful, Michael! xoxo

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