Your Library, in the News

Here’s a roundup of some media coverage of the library.

Michael Kelley of reports on the library, and information as the root of revolution. The PBS newshour spends time in Liberty Plaza, and includes some video of the library in their report. GalleyCat covers the Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) joining the solidarity march and shares our call for librarians. A while back, before the migration to boxes and then plastic boxes, Make magazine noticed a copy of their magazine in our collection. And finally, Talking Points Memo covers some of the technology we’re using.

Seen reporting on the occupy wall street library? Post in the comments and let us know.


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4 responses to “Your Library, in the News

  1. This is just beautiful…while as a conscious hip-hop artist on one end, I am also a librarian myself, i will be having an occupy wall street clip of a live performance i did up soon, however i just love this library, in solidarity and happy cataloguing, Big Mickey Boston. :)

  2. “Remember when Barack Obama said that the Tea Party “expresses the frustrations that the American people feel?” Oh, wait. That wasn’t the Tea Party he said that about. It was Occupy Wall Street.” Howard Portnoy.

    Remember when the Tea Party clogged streets, keeping people from their jobs during an economic crisis? Remember when they trashed neighborhoods? Remember when they got arrested for unruly behavior? Oh wait. That was Occupy Wall Street. Remember when the Tea Party was villified as hateful Nazis intent on destroying America? Remember when they asked for smaller government and less taxation? Hmmm. Yes, I do remember that.

    • Michael

      Hi Norma, thanks for joining our discussion. You bring up some interesting points. A few other differences: The Tea Party is being funded by Billionaires who have a financial interest in keeping the 40% of the resources that they have control over, and preventing you and me and everyone else in the other 99% of the population from living the American dream. Occupy Wall Street is being funded and supported by Americans like you and me, from Libertarians to Democrats to Republicans. Individuals are giving $1 here and $1 there, they’re donating books every day to our library, they’re donating food and clothing.

      Another interesting historical point is to consider what the Tea Part is named after. The original Tea Party, was a direct action protest that broke many laws. They stormed onto private property, stole goods and destroyed them. Occupy Wall Street is a nonviolent protest occupying a park. And Police Commissioner Ray Kelley has announced that the occupation can stay in the park as long as we like as long as we don’t break the rules of the park, and that the police have no legal authority to remove us. Compare that to the Tea Party, in which 130 men, dressed as ‘American Indians’ broke into three ships and dumped 342 boxes of cargo over the side into the ocean, destroying it. That was a direct action protest that destroyed property – nothing like that is happening at Occupy Wall St.

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