Diversity of tactics

There’s a pamphlet going around camp & around the internet called dear occupiers, a letter from anarchists.

Here’s a link: dearoccupiers

There’s a section on Diversity of Tactics that seems especially relevant as we negotiate our relationship with the Finance Committee. I wanted to share it here:

“To have a diversity of participants, a movement must make space for a diversity of tactics. It’s controlling and self-important to think you know how everyone should act in pursuit of a better world. Denouncing others only equips the authorities to de-legitimize, divide, and destroy the movement as a whole. Criticism and debate propel a movement forward, but power grabs cripple it. The goal should not be to compel everyone to adopt one set of tactics, but to discover how different approaches can be mutually beneficial.”

Mmm, mutually beneficial. sounds nice, right? Let’s use all the tools in the box.



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7 responses to “Diversity of tactics

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  5. Michael

    Eric – get me your email! Send it to owspeopleslibrary@gmail.com when you have time so I can set you up on the blog.

  6. yo

    It’s worthwhile to read the opinions and experiences of all groups, yet decide what’s best for the future based on the situation of the moment. Take what’s relevant, throw out what’s not. That goes for academics, anarchists, Democrats, Ron Paul-ers…

  7. Is anyone on site?
    I am dropping off table and chairs and need curb assistance call 347-891-4342. Eric

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