LibraryThing catalog for OWS Library now available

The RSS feed for recently added books doesn’t work, though, so I tried unsuccessfully to fix it (changing it to reviews instead didn’t help). Someone else on their help site complained about it not working in 2009, so perhaps it hasn’t ever been fixed.


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3 responses to “LibraryThing catalog for OWS Library now available

  1. Michael

    OK, the LibraryThing feed is working, it’s just very, very delayed. I changed the feed back to the recent additions feed. It should propogate as time goes on.

  2. Michael

    There is an email thread with Jeremy at LibraryThing about getting the RSS feed to work. Flickr seems to be working fine, as far as I can tell.

  3. stevenimbus

    I see that the Flickr stream is now working… but it wasn’t working on a different computer I used last night (some of the photos in the stream weren’t displaying). I’m starting to wonder if there’s a permissions problem I haven’t resolved with the Flickr account. Let me (or Michael) know if your photos aren’t showing up in the stream. It looks like mine only show up when I use my own computer. But I’m not sure. Could be the same problem with the LibraryThing widget. Go ahead and look into it, tech-savvy people.

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