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Slavoj Zizek visits OWS (Video and Transcript)

I’m sorry I missed this. I love Zizek!



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A useful daily feed of updates from occupations around the country


Yes, also provided by The Nation! I find this useful, because I don’t hear about all the celebrity visitors to Liberty Plaza, which is interesting to hear about. The support of well known people can’t hurt. Yesterday, I failed to notice Al Sharpton, Geraldo Rivera, Slavoj Zizek, Susan Sarandon, Kanye West, and a few others. Did any of them stop by the library? This is also a great feed for keeping updated on all the other occupations. I want to organize some outreach to other libraries around the country as soon as we’re weather secure.


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I just love this photo

A day in the life of the People’s Library Reference desk.


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