Nationwide Occupation Libraries Unite!

I’ll be visiting the following cities on behalf of the OWSLibrary on these dates:

Chicago: Oct 24 – 28

Boston: Nov 3-6

Philadelphia: Nov 12-13

San Francisco: Nov 16-30

Get in touch if you would like me to visit your library. OWSLibrary in New York has a growing surplus of books and supplies, and we may be in a position to assist you!


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2 responses to “Nationwide Occupation Libraries Unite!

  1. national tour?
    we all visit different cities at different times, Steve. In what way are your visits on behalf of the library? We are always in solidarity with other #occupy libraries & endeavor to assist in any way possible. please clarify. thanks.

    • stevenimbus

      I just happen to be visiting these cities in the near future, and I thought I might as well visit the various occupations if I can. It seems like a great opportunity for outreach, especially if we get back up and running and find ourselves in a position to help other libraries with supplies, advice, books, or whatever. Mostly, I’ll be saying hello. Is there a problem with this?

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