London Review of Books blogs about the OWS Library

This is my favorite publication, so I’ve been waiting to see them do a piece on us or the movement as a whole. They also have a blog, and we did get a mention there and even a link back to this blog:


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3 responses to “London Review of Books blogs about the OWS Library

  1. Annie Dorsen

    Hey People’s Library! Thanks for linking to my blog post, I think your link to it means more to me than the original post itself. (Don’t tell LRB I said that…) – anyway, this is mostly for Steve S., I wanted to reply to the comment you left there but it seemed somehow awkward to do it there. So in reply: apologies for misrepresenting the barcoding thing, and I’ll never let the dreaded word “Zuccotti” pass my lips or laptop again. I’m hoping to volunteer some time at the Library once my work schedule lightens a bit, assuming you aren’t already overwhelmed by volunteers. And you’ll be pleased to know that LRB will be publishing a proper long piece on the movement. My thing was just to get something out there quick and dirty-style.

    • stevenimbus

      Annie, don’t worry! I LOVE the LRB and anyone associated with it. I consider it one of my best friends, in fact. I only wanted to point out those minor misrepresentations for the sake of accuracy. We’re all thrilled that we’re being written about at all, and I am personally grateful to you for having contributed a piece about us to the LRB Blog and excited to hear about the longer one in the works. Anything we can do to help, please ask. By the way, how did you know it was me who left the comment? I thought I was forced to use a pseudonym there. Anyway, let’s stay in touch. I think it would be great if you volunteered with us. We always need help.

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