Solidarity Letter from Occupy Portland Library

During our Library Working Group meeting today, we were thrilled to get a hand delivered letter from the Occupy Portland Library (Oregon). We put the courier on the spot and asked him to read it to us. Here’s the video, as well as the letter. We’re excited to connect with our fellow Occubrarians in Portland (yeah, I know that word is awful, but I’m addicted to it now). Much love and solidarity to you Occupy Library in PDX!

The text reads:

Dear Occupy Wall St.
We stand in solidary with you and wish to share best practices and an open line of contact with your library. Please shoot us an email: [email address]

Much Love,

In solidarity, brothers and sisters

Much love from Portland! Stay Strong.


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2 responses to “Solidarity Letter from Occupy Portland Library

  1. pdxorganizer

    Hey, I don’t think it’s responsible to publish people’s personal info like this… could you PLEASE crop out the contact info at the bottom of the letter?

    • Michael

      We do all out communication for the library working group in the open on the blog to remain completely transparent and allow everyone to be involved. Is this your info? Please email us, or have the authors of the letter email us if they would like us to edit the version of the letter published in our digital archive.

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