NY Daily News Profiles Steve S.

The NY Daily News profiles our volunteer librarian/knight in shining armor, Steve. Also, a great video to see how things work at the library. You’ll see many of us in there looking very busy, but be sure to have the sound on, as Steve is eloquent, as always, in his explanation of what’s going on and why we’re there.


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2 responses to “NY Daily News Profiles Steve S.

  1. Whatever the shortcomings of Occupy Wall Street are it pales in comparison to our shoddy government that has squandered immense resources of the nation on war and security as well as subsidizing public and private organizations without adequately addressing the health, infrastructure, such as high speed rail and security of Americans from all kinds of domestic crimes and scams on the street as well as on financial crimes on Wall Street. Without regulation and oversight capitalism because laissez faire capitalism which tramples on society as well as the individual.

    Right now members of Congress are primarily lobbyists for specific groups and organizations. The solution is having a Congress that knows what is best for the all the people and not a specific group or industry. And if members of Congress does not know what is best for the people, then ask the people, ask their employers- the American people. It’s not hard doing what’s best for the country if members of Congress really care about what is best for the citizenry. If this were the criteria, then this country would not engage in optional wars.

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