New York Review of Books piece on Occupy Wall Street


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4 responses to “New York Review of Books piece on Occupy Wall Street

  1. Librarians Unite!

    And, you were also written about in the magazine affiliated with the American Library Association, as follows…
    “The Occupy Wall Street Library is an incredible source of credibility for the larger Occupy Wall Street movement. A quick online search turns up dozens of stories from around the world that reference the library, and the prevailing attitude about it seems to be some variation of “these protestors are more together than you think, they even have a library.” This is a strong endorsement both of the movement and of the role of libraries in modern society. The idea that a library is seen as a mark of culture and that creating one is a mark of civic pride and gravitas says a lot about how the institution is still valued by society at large.”
    Link –

  2. Michael

    Wow, I just read it. “The encampment was surprisingly well organized, with a “People’s Library” of plastic bins containing the kind of books you would find in a middle-class beach house.” That’s the best they could do? Aren’t they supposed to write about books or something?

  3. Michael

    Awesome clickable-linking. Very proud.

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