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URGENT: People’s Library Under Siege

UPDATE 5:12pm: Latest update is that the police came to remove our tent, folks resisted, but the police insisted. The books are fine, the library’s fine. Thank you all for your support and solidarity!


We’re getting reports that The People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street is under siege. We have so far been told that police are moving in to sieze the books. Update: We’re being told that the tents protecting our books are down, but they have not yet seized books.

We’ll update as we get more information. In the meantime, please call:

311, if you’re in New York City

If you’re outside NYC, please call the NYPD Switchboard at: 646-610-5000

And the Mayor’s office at: 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675)

Ask that the Mayor and NYPD respect the free and open community library in Zucotti park and that they do not attempt to take the books from the people or interfere in the operation of the library in any way, including removal of our tents and tarps. Please remind them that any action they take against the library puts the cultural and historical artifacts contained in the library at risk.


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Occupied Wall Street Journal: Online

The Occupied Wall Street Journal, the un-official newspaper of Occupy Wall Street, has launched their online version of the journal at occupiedmedia.com. All issues are available for download and all current articles can be read on the site. We are also archiving the issues here, you can always find them by looking at posts under the OWS Journal category.

Head on over and read their latest article about us, “The People’s Library: Occupy Your Mind.”

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OWS Journal (Issue #3)

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