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Your Library In the News

At Inside Higher Ed, Scott McLemee discusses our meterological challenges, the blog, our upcoming visit to the American Library Association mid-year meeting and talks with two of our folks, Mandy and Steve, in his post Guerrilla Librarians in Our Midst.

Bloomberg continues to grasp desperately to find some way to frame the movement as hurting New York City, this time claiming that OWS is hurting NY families. Of course, he doesn’t mention the library or any of the working groups, and is ignoring all the small, family owned, local businesses that we work with at the library – not to mention the food carts around the square and other places throughout the city that we’re buying supplies and equipment from.

In Occupy Wall Street at Valley Forge, Tom Engelhardt captures the way the library seduces many of our volunteers who end up coming back again and again to help out:

 “. . . on arriving for the first time at your encampment in Zuccotti Park and taking that tiny set of steps down from Broadway, I was moved to find myself in, of all things, an informal open-air library. The People’s Library no less, even if books sorted by category in plastic bins on tables isn’t exactly the way I once imagined The Library.

Still, it couldn’t be more appropriate for Occupy Wall Street, with its long, open-air meetings, its invited speakers and experts, its visiting authors, its constant debates and arguments, that feeling when you’re there that you can talk to anyone.”

Damian Ghigliotty, who I spent some time talking to when he first visited the library writes about how involvement in Occupy Wall Street can actually turn out to be great for folks careers in The Career Road of Occupy Wall Street. He’s writing for the Wall Street Journal, which is News Corp, but he’s really got a fair take on it and it’s worth reading.

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