And where is the rest of it?

The Mayor’s Office claims our books are safe and offers this pic as proof

We’re glad to see some books are OK. Now, where are the rest of the books and our shelter and our boxes? Nice try guys, but we won’t be convinced until we actually have all our undamaged property returned to us.


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16 responses to “And where is the rest of it?

  1. Thanks for the interesting read :-)

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  3. All our support from Bibliosol peoples library at Madrid. If you have to rebuild your library we’ll send you at least one title to remind that you`re in our minds and hearts. Remember that their violence is our strength. Keep on going!

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  8. Do not forget to send items to:
    Labadie Collection

    The Joseph A. Labadie Collection is the oldest research collection of radical history in the United States, documenting a wide variety of international social protest movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is named for anarchist and labor organizer Joseph Antoine Labadie (1850-1933).

    7th Floor, Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
    913 S. University Avenue
    Ann Arbor, Ml 48109-1190

  9. The city, surely, already has a library. Why can’t you just buy a used school/city bus and start your bookmobile? Those books will eventually be destroyed by mother nature-one way or the other. You know it. The city knows it. If any of the protesters do not know that, they need some additional books…on common sense!

    Your main desire-and rant-is about the cost of education. You can do something about that now.

  10. Candise

    Is it true that City is now saying that library will not be returned due to “needles” in the “merchandise?” Please post address and when we can mail books to rebuild.
    You are very brave and wonderful.

  11. All our support and solidarity to you. We are very angry and sad at the same time, and keep waiting for your news.

  12. Kimberly Switzer

    I find it interesting that the mayors city lawyer quit at 2 am in the morning and the raid occurred in the following hours. Lawyer claims he stands with #OWS and not the 1%. I find that to be a VERY good sign. Seems like some of the Judges are also standing up and saying no when they uphold the protesters rights above the city rights.

    For those that don’t know ‘CITY OF NEW YORK’ is a Corporation. All the ‘STATES’ and ‘CITY of’ are Corporations, and that is your ‘corporate government’ not just the Corporation “UNITED STATES”. The legal status of a name in all cap’s and usually preceded by ‘of’ is the status of a corporation.
    They have granted themselves all Rights, while stripping the public’s and individual Rights. At the same time they have removed all liability of their ‘Officers’ for any wrong doing while following the corporate bylaws and codes. That is what the Police enforce, just in case you don’t know. That is what ‘statutes’ are, the ‘bylaws’ and commercial ‘codes’ of the corporation as legislated by the corporations themselves.

    I’m glad that you guys are ok. I’m still watching for word about the people teargassed and removed last night.

  13. jay

    When a mayor orders a library to be dismantled, I don’t know if it’s more disgusting or disturbing.

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  15. Maggie

    I have books to donate. Good quality non-fiction. Please let me know when a new donation site is set up.
    Thanks for all your hard work and courage.

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