New “Rules”

Here are the new “rules” posted at Liberty Plaza. So far, there are reports of Police stopping occupiers from standing on higher-than-ground surfaces in the park, police preventing food delivery from coming into the park, police stopping musicians from bringing in instruments and police searching people who enter the park. My take: this would appear to be very much like the protest pens that were a popular tool of the G.W. Bush administration and it would seem to violate the agreement that was made to grant Brookfield that extra height on their building. Perhaps they would be willing to lob off a few floors? Or, return the park to the free and open space for public use that it has always been.

Either way, we don’t ask permission to occupy.


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3 responses to “New “Rules”

  1. That’s not too bad. I recall driving by a park and another read the sign: No golfing, archery, or horseback riding in the park.

    “Is that really a problem?!!!!!!!!,” she said.

  2. Richard Kline

    Under fascism, ‘friendly or not,’ one has rules, not rights. Just so here.

    It is an asset to the movement of the Occupation, though, that the authorities have insisted on turning an economic protest into a protest about civil rights. Because the two issues _do_ coincide, and the choice of the authorities makes this all the more apparent to those on the the sidelines. Under teh 1%, the citizenry have no economic rights, no civil rights, and plenty of rules to thell them what they are ‘permitted’ to live. THIS is the struggle that we have always known we must fight; this is the struggle that we will move worward and win.

  3. Librarians Unite!

    …for passive recreation??!?!

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