People’s Library Re-Opens

This image was just posted on our twitter feed by an awesome librarian with a smartphone. Not yet sure who. The General Assembly is going on in Liberty Plaza now and is livestreaming here.




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10 responses to “People’s Library Re-Opens

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  3. Alex M

    @stagegurl Thanks for showing Occupy Newark love! and please come to the occupation this weekend starting at 4pm at Military Park in Newark

  4. Susan

    As of this writing, I have three OWS books checked out. Those would be:

    Choiceless Awareness, by Krishnamurti
    The Fear Index, by Robert Harris
    Gone to Croatan, by Sakolsky and Koehnline

    This is so you don’t think the City government has these books.

  5. stagegurl

    I took the pic y’all. Occupy Newark was handing out cards and I wanted to show them some love. See you in a few hours at Operation Get Our Library Back. 8AM!

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  7. Michael

    I’m also thrilled, but still trying to figure out why that says “Occupy Newark”…

  8. Andrea

    This makes me really happy, especially since The Giver (right on top!) was one of my favourites growing up.

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