URGENT: Raid of Occupy Wall Street

URGENT CALL FOR ACTION: The Occupation and the People’s Library are being destroyed right now by the NYPD. The Library and all the tents and equipment from the camp are being thrown in dumpsters.

Please call:

311, if you’re in New York City

If you’re outside NYC, please call the NYPD Switchboard at: 646-610-5000

And the Mayor’s office at: 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675)

Ask that the Mayor and NYPD stop the eviction of Occupy Wall Street.

I’m currently watching video from the CBS News helicopter which shows that the NYPD have surrounded the occupation at Liberty Plaza with two layers of barricades and lines of police. They have also set up lights shining into the park from all sides. Streams of police are visible entering the park.

Library staff have confirmed that police are entering the occupation. The global revolution livestream is reporting that the park is being “raided” now.

It appears that at this moment, the NYPD are moving to evict the occupation. CBS reports that the press is not being allowed into the park to cover the events. There are massive numbers of police lined up in battallions on the north side of the park. Also, no one is being allowed near the park.

The police are making every effort to prevent media and OWS cameras from filming what is occurring in the park right now. The best way you can help right now is to flood the city with calls and spread the word.


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15 responses to “URGENT: Raid of Occupy Wall Street

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  4. I think we’re on opposite sides of this issue, but I enjoyed the information anyway. What is the people’s library?

    My take on the Wall Street protests is here.

    So there were a bunch of books in those boxes that everyone shares?

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  9. What kind of destroyed? Does anyone have a good photograph/video of police destroying books? Might be worthwhile to make some use of that imagery. People are generally less ok with destroying books than tents.

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  11. It’s a shame!!!!Librarians Unite!!!!!!!

  12. flip breskin

    I’m on the phone on hold because the lines are jammed. Holding. The world is watching!

  13. Librarians Unite!

    Thoughts, prayers and phone calls. We stand with you.

    • Librarians Unite!

      I also weep with you, you do not cry alone for the loss of your work and wonderful accomplishment of your library. Your efforts will not be in vain.

  14. R.D.

    This shouldn’t be happening to a library.

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