Special Comment – Mayor Bloomberg

“Who else but a human platitude like Bloomberg could have just gotten back from Jerusalem and the dedication of a ten million dollar medical facility, for which he generously paid, and then enable the image of policeman seizing fifty-five hundred books from the Occupy Wall Street Library and throwing them in a dumpster as if the cops were book burners?”


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4 responses to “Special Comment – Mayor Bloomberg

  1. Ann

    I consider myself a law-and-order, civility type. I thought we were a nation of laws. Thought that most police were doing thankless hard work, that people shrieking about “their rights” sometimes exaggerated their injuries in an attempt to deflect their own bad behavior. I thought that most police were good, and only a few bad apples got the publicity.

    Boy, did OWS educate me. Thank you. I needed to wake up, and so do all Americans. Watching this unfold has hit me in the gut. Shock, horror, disgust. When Bloomberg spent gazillions on his re-election (why???), I thought it was NYC-style egotism. When he expanded term limits, I thought “foul.” But I now believe he is a dangerous and evil man. And Kelly is his henchman.

    Blocking the press? Police officers blatantly ignoring a court order???? Officer Bologna still employed????? Police videotaping protesters, demanding ID (Show Your Papers!) Spy towers and private firms monitoring citizens? Police using shock-and-awe military equipment and tactics? The chip, chip, chipping away of rights, imposition of rules and regulations, demonization of ALL protesters as unpatriotic, unwashed; choose your slur. It’s not hysterical to see historic parallels in Jim Crow South, in Pre-war Germany, in the former Yugoslavia.

    Are they trying to preserve “order” because they know the Empire has no clothes, or are they just laying tracks for more corruption? Is the Eurozone going to collapse, or does Wall St. simply want to raid social security, medicare, and the remaining wage base left? Or is this unprecedented, a strange effect of a quirk of law (corporations), a time in history (globalization), and an 18th century-scale representative government model, which cannot withstand the onslaught of such powerful, global interests? Given this power, I wonder if Mr. Olbermann is premature in his thanks and confidence. These aren’t redcoats in an alien land, ruled by a weakening mad king. These are militarized police, supported by our own tax dollars (the irony) and “donations” from global corporations. They have incredible technology, “Patriot Act” (how Orwellian) rights, and strong propaganda tools. Unless Main St. America supports OWS unreservedly, we are vulnerable to reaching a point-of-no-return tipping point. Unless we’re already there.

    • Nik Haptik

      “Unless Main St. America supports OWS unreservedly, we are vulnerable to reaching a point-of-no-return tipping point. Unless we’re already there.”

      I think we passed the point quite awhile ago. On the off-chance we haven’t, we will – unless the majority of the world population accepts that our ecological, humanitarian and economic crises are threatening civilization on a time scale that is no longer amenable to the pace at which our political system operates. Even the gleeful and admirable 99% sloganeering is but the tip of the iceberg. The wholesale redistribution of wealth in the United States tomorrow morning would leave us feeling cheerful but still facing the same broken political system that is almost surely unprepared to reverse the general course of this death trip empire. It is wonderful that a real transformation towards peace and ecology is finally imaginable yet it still seems a near impossibility. I give it a 1% chance.

  2. Lidia17

    It’s not about wanting to do good versus evil; it’s about sheer personal POWER. A god-like power not only to create and heal but to destroy and harm is what gives Bloomberg his kicks, apparently.

    What good is being a billionaire if you can’t exercise your personal power in out-sized ways? (…and no doubt there’s a bit of the Napoleonic syndrome, too, with the petit Mr.B.)

  3. wow that is just an awesome rant! love it! and the best bit – its so true.

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