This Is What A Police State Looks Like

Tonight at the People’s Library Mayor Bloomberg’s chief occupation outreach group paid us a visit.  Again.

Our librarians were, again, brave and peaceful.

Shame on you!  Shame on you! The Occupiers chanted as Bloomberg’s minions threw away what we had retrieved today.

Our hearts are heavy.

But we are determined.



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10 responses to “This Is What A Police State Looks Like

  1. I believe in the People’s Library, and I believe in us.

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  3. This disgusting act on the part of city officials will only serve to strengthen support for OWS and the movement around the world. Bloomberg should be evicted from public office and put behind bars for this atrocity!

  4. Yeah, if they keep doing this, you’ll have enough people down there to have each person stand and HOLD 4 or 5 books. Then it will truly be the People’s Library!!

  5. martini

    Do you have a recent “before” shot of how large the library was?
    Getting the before & after (those few tubs recovered from Sanitation) would be potent.

    Also, have you been in contact with the Smithsonian? I saw something about them being interested in recording some of this history in the making, but the links I am finding right now are to sniveling conservative blogs, so I won’t clutter the space here with links.

  6. the statement from the mayors office: “thousands & thousands of people read books in NYC parks every day, but they don’t leave stacks of their stuff – books or otherwise”.


  7. kathleen fedrick

    God bless you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im 71 years old, so about all i can contribute are my hopes and prayers. Wish I were 20*30 years younger id be with you in more than spirit!!!!!!!!!!

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