Occupy Together

I want to write all about the day in detail – our working group (aka, our library family) spent the day of action spread out all over the city working independently and also working together. We had our online and off-site folks in charge of keeping the blog and twitter updated and running info for those who were on the street. We were marching; setting up the library at Liberty, Union Square, Foley Square and on the Brooklyn Bridge; running mobile libraries from carts; coming up with awesome chants; meeting people and taking donations; telling our story and so much more. At the end of the day we stopped at an Irish bar across from the WTC site and had dinner, beer and a meeting. There’s so much to write, and I’m exhausted and have to work/school tomorrow. So instead, here are some of my photos. <3 and solidarity.

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13 responses to “Occupy Together

  1. MamaMiller

    I would love to see you get even more books than before and have mobile carts for all of them. Carry them all over the city. I sent books before the invasion, so I suppose they are gone, but would love to send more. I wish I could drive to NY and bring you the mobile cart I have at home. I am SO proud of all of you for your amazing efforts. Please don’t feel too discouraged. I sent 2 emails to Bloomberg the night of the invasion, telling him what I thought of him for being so stupid.

  2. http://thinkprogress.org/special/2011/11/15/368809/occupy-cleveland-saves-womans-home-from-imminent-foreclosure/
    Along with occupy Atlanta. If this movement is to last and get the silent majority on OWS side this is the type of thing that will help and getting an agenda to address legislative referendums.

  3. Librarians Unite!

    So love all of you. seriously.
    I am inspired by you every day and I am very interested in how the Occupy movement can weave itself into the fabric of ‘everyday’ life.
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. fiona

    This is awesome – it physically hurt to watch footage of the police trashing the original library but glad to see 2.0 is up and running. All the best.

  5. Jackson

    Good luck on all of your future actions. As a former librarian I fully support what you are doing to spread the word.

  6. Jordan

    Can someone please help me and clarify what the difference is between the People’s Library and the Public Library? Honest question. Thanks in advance.

    • Mandy Henk

      We exist to serve the Occupy movement and all people. We are not part of any government. We are a working group of OWS.

    • Librarians Unite!

      Public libraries receive funding from public monies, taxes, etc. The People’s Libraries seem to be self-created by patrons and direct donors. How is that for a definition? People’s Libraries are a interconnected relationship between patrons, media and materials, the Occupy movement and librarians. Public Libraries’ interconnected facets are sometimes overridden or hindered by their dependence on outside funding and support from other governmental organizations which may drive their agenda. Just playing with ideas, here.

  7. gul

    thank you michael…

  8. Yesterday I cried tears of fear, today they are of hope. Thank you!

  9. Pamster

    I am glad that a much deserved beer was had after what was a historic week for OWS and The People’s Library. Am I the only one whose heart races when I hear of the police seizing books? Hello, Fahrenheit 451. Lovin’ the mobile efforts and am sorry to say I just donated one of those carts to the local thrift. Keep the hope alive!

  10. Those pictures are fantastic. I really wish you all the best, there’s something inspiriting about how you’ve weathered the storms of the last few days. Keep going!

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