Your Library Today

The People's Library in Liberty Plaza, 11/19

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One response to “Your Library Today

  1. Gave a dozen or so more over to two of your brave and beautiful librarians today at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. Hope they have a better future than my first contribution at Zuccotti did. The NYPD has, to this 30-year long New Yorker, now pissed away completely all the goodwill of 9/11. The heroic actions of a few of them from 10 yrs. ago cannot excuse or balance the depredation of this force’s performance since — and I’m not just talking about what they did to OWS. There’s the stop-and-frisk racist activity (well documented by Bob Herbert when he worked for the NYT) and the disgraceful actions around the 2004 RNC and the racial profiling, etc., etc. They have totally lost my trust.

    So you folks out there in the streets be very careful, for once a powerful mob like NYPD has committed itself to brutishness, it only gets darker and beastlier.

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