Macy’s at Midnight

Last night, Charlie and I, were the only librarians left at night near Liberty Plaza. Word had been going around of “Occupy Macy’s,” in which the occupiers would go and chant, until we are allowed in the store with the rest of the crowd, at which point we would enter, shop, and just leave our filled shopping carts in the middle of the store. There were few of us, and we knew that we would not be let in. But that did not stop us from giving out books to the crowd as they waited. We soon caught up with Reverend Billy from the church of stop shopping. At first he just passed us by, but we ran into him when the Security Guard that caught him preaching was kicking him out. “Don’t buy it, Occupy it!” So in honor of our first Buy Nothing Day as a library, happy Buy Nothing Day! Here’s Reverend Billy standing on our mobile books crate, from the knee down, spreading the love.


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2 responses to “Macy’s at Midnight

  1. Yeah, what with the buffoon (sp? maybe) hairdo, the soapbox analogy which raises him above the crowd, and the church analogy used to produce the whole scenario, I am led to believe that once again the art community has figured a way to rule the world by blasting people of faith or any religion at all. But, in this case, here in America, it’s Christianity-the root of all evil.

    But, that’s how they’ve made millions and millions of dollars. If they picked on another religion they’d have a fight on their hands. That’s something they couldn’t manage well, what with being drunk and stoned. Lol!

    Slaying the “fatted calf” on wall street? Now, it’s on the Jerusalem, eh?

    Is he spreading the love or merely lining his own wallet?

    If you’ll look at most of the “taboo” purchases that the “zombies” were bringing to the attention of the “people,” it appeared that most wanted the big flat screen TV. Why?

    Maybe they’d like to donate to the arts in a different way.

  2. Happy Buy Nothing Day! I spent my day at a free music festival and avoided all shops. It was a good day.

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