Weekly Working Group Meeting for 11/27

Our library working group meeting will take place this Sunday, November 27th at 7:30PM at The Moonstruck Diner, 244 Madison Ave on the corner of Madison and 38th St. All are welcome to attend to discuss the future of the People’s Library and the future of our occupation movement. We hope to see lots of you there!


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2 responses to “Weekly Working Group Meeting for 11/27

  1. Librarians Unite!

    Hello OWS Librarians,
    Just want you to know I am working on a project to bring an on-going Occupy activity to my community. I am especially inspired to be more active so that those of us who are not participating in the camps can do whatever we can to get things going and hopefully take some of the pressure off of those of you on the ‘front lines’ so to speak. I hope you are all looking for ways to translate the Occupy Movement out into a myriad of places. I love the idea of OWS camp but hope that you will find ways to be fluid and not attached to any one place where you may be more vulnerable to infiltration and/or harassment. Please be safe – speaking for many of my friends, our hearts are broken when we see any of you hurt or handled roughly. We are with you and God’s-speed to you.

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