Found journals from the raid on 11/15/2011

After the raid, we were given all of the books found by the sanitation department. This included many people’s personal journals. It is our duty to help return them to their rightful owners, so here we are. If anybody lost a journal that is featured in either photo, please get in contact with me, [email removed] or [phone removed]. It is my personal contact to ensure that it doesn’t get lost in the mass mailing list that we have for the library. To ensure it is yours, I would need some sort of verification, any kind that shows you are the rightful owner of the journal through knowledge of what is inside. Please spread this around to anybody that may have lost a journal on the night of the raid.


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3 responses to “Found journals from the raid on 11/15/2011

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  2. Thomas C Sanders Jr

    Just on that note alone I have to say that returning the journal’s are a sure start in creating a trusting start towards a political occupation/Liberation in politics. Ground level trust and assurance is what the few people need to experience and word of mouth will pass to everyone about positivity of the movement. I shall be involved soon. Good people in rightuos movement’s don’t die, they multiply~ Peace!*

  3. I lost a journal recently too–anybody see a marble notebook in the office or SIS that says BETSY—LIBRARY and OCCUPY all over it?

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