Occupy Theory Wants You!

Occupy Theory has been manifested as a new theory publication tidal. It’s fantastic! The first issue even includes an essay by Judith Butler. You can read it all for free online by going here. Or, at the very least read the first article “Communique 1“. It’s a feast and feat of language and pretty much says it all! The People’s Library loves the geniuses behind tidal! And they’re looking for work for future issues so sit down and start theorizing! Occupy Wall St is your movement!


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4 responses to “Occupy Theory Wants You!

  1. Librarians Unite!

    OT question – why does your flickr account have several references to Obama with attending TParty type comments as well as references to hoax accusations? Just wondering. Would prefer a response more than a moderator approval of my comment.

    • I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the flickr account being public, anyone can post to it…. does that help? we try to get back to people and not just approve comments… but we all have busy lives and sometimes the cracks are wider than other times…

  2. Would love if it were text-accessible, instead of 100% .pdf/jpeg, so people could read it on their mobile devices, on Instapaper, etc. (esp people who would need to change the font size so they could read it).

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