People’s Library at American Library Association conference

A few of us will be doing a panel presentation about our library, radical librarianship, the commons, what democracy looks like, what a police state looks like etc. in the ALA Masters Series at the Midwinter Conference in Dallas this weekend. We’ve got a lot to say.







We’re very excited to be able to connect with so many librarians about our shared passions & about meeting up with our comrades at Occupy Dallas.
If you’re in the Dallas area this weekend, please join us.

Saturday January, 21 at 8:30 am in the Dallas Convention Center Theater.

ALA Press release here.


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6 responses to “People’s Library at American Library Association conference

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  2. carolyn

    I’d appreciate any writings or visuals you can provide from your presentation.

  3. Librarians Unite!

    I envision you entering before your panel with a mic check – :)

  4. Bring me back a queer or a steer or how bout a queer steer!

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