Lending FAQ

Q:  Do you have a catalog?  A:  Yes, find it right here.  LibraryThing has donated us a free lifetime account.  We have no checkout process, so our catalog at present is only a record of incoming books.

Q:  Do I have to return the book?  A:  No, these books belong to everyone, so we trust everyone to do what they think is most effective with them.  If you think you could put a book to good use long-term, by all means keep it.  If you think others might benefit from it more after you’ve finished, we strongly encourage returns.

Q:  Do I have to sign the book out?  A:  Nope.

Q:  What should I do if I decide not to return a book?  A:  We recommend crossing out wherever we’ve marked it so it doesn’t get confused for one of our books.

Q:  Can I buy the book?  A:  No, but nobody would oppose folks taking and keeping a book with or without leaving a voluntary donation.

Q:  Can I trade you for another book?  A:  Totally!  Take the book you want and leave the new book with the unprocessed donations so that the library can enter it in the catalog.

Please limit comments to new questions and new answers to be posted here.

3 responses to “Lending FAQ

  1. spregious

    hey, that’s a great idea! really! only one question: don’t u think the possibility of not returning books will involve – in the long time – a decrease in the number of the book?


  2. i love this idea. i’m going to mail a copy of my book, maybe three. thanks!

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