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Cleaning up after The Clean Up

Thursday, in preparation for the eviction resistance, the park was cleaned by sanitation and many volunteers. Here the New York Times features a photograph of the area where the library usually sits being scrubbed. This paper was sitting on a table in the spot depicted in the photo. Droste.

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Eviction Resistance.

Photographs by Stephen Boyer of the People’s Library wrapped up and ready for the eviction resistance Friday morning.

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Naomi Klein and Eve Ensler visit The People’s Library

Lovely people both and excited about what we’re doing.


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I just love this photo

A day in the life of the People’s Library Reference desk.


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Gabriella Csoszó

Hungarian artist Gabriella Csoszó has posted a series of photographs of the People’s Library on her blog Public Image. The photos reveal often overlooked layers of the processing of our books, the architecture of the spaces we’ve built to hold them, the ways the labels and systems are edited and re-edited as the collection changes and grows. There is a record here of the many voices speaking through the library, both those that are historical and those of our volunteers. And of the lightness and potential weight of these volumes carried by the expectations of big ideas.

Csoszó’s work “explores the historical traces of the cold war, including the documentation of locations that have been lost or have changed meaning and the photographic exposition of objects and public spaces that do not hold the same value in the present.” The artist is currently in residence at ISCP.


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Fiat lux.

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Visiting the Children’s Library

Sylvie visits the Children's Library


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