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Occupying Walt Disney World

So last week I was in Florida with my mother. Yes, on purpose. It was a planned excursion to Disney World because my mother loves Disney World, and I love my mother, and I have a strict rule about never turning down free vacations.
So there I was happily occupying the Magic Kingdom while receiving updates from my fellow librarians at The People’s Library. The day I left I received the message, “Crosby and Nash at OWS at 3PM today. Spread the word,” which caused me to shout multiple obscenities in the presence of both my mother and her GPS. Then a couple of days later I read about the concert by Joan Baez, who is nothing short of a goddess to me, and had to suppress the urge to hurl myself mournfully from atop the flying Dumbo ride.
When the much anticipated tent that Patti Smith had gifted to us arrived I was occupying Epcot. I got the text, “Fort Smith is in the house,” as well as the message, “You’re going to love the new and organized library!” My librarian friends knew then and now that I am a bit of a maniac when it comes to organization. So Florida Shmorida! I was so excited by all that was happening at OWS I began counting the days until I could return to the park and see the new and improved People’s Library. I got back to my place in Brooklyn late on Monday night. Then I awoke Tuesday morning to a dozen text messages and the rest you know as front page news.
So I missed Crosby and Nash. I missed Joan Baez. And I never got to see the great and glorious Fort Smith in person. I did however manage to represent OWS at the happiest place on Earth. Check out my subversive Disney photo action! Pretty bad ass, right?
So the lesson here I suppose is that nothing good has ever come out of Florida. No, maybe that’s not it. The lesson is probably don’t ever leave town. Or perhaps the lesson is the Woodstock reunion concerts will always begin at week seven? Okay, I have no lessons. I really just wanted to post my Occupy Disney World photos. You are so welcome.

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