From Patti Smith

As readers of this blog, and members of the People’s Library will know, Patti Smith is an important visitor to OWS, and has helped the People’s Library in many ways.

This morning, in the wake of the raid on the Occupation, and the reacquisition of the People’s Volumes from the NY sanitation dept. Patti Smith sent the People’s Library some words.

i am with you all from across the sea
every concert, interview etc
i call out to occupy and support those
that do.

what you are doing is only a beginning.
if it gets too tough in the winter
get healthy regroup and come back.
don’t be sorry about anything.

give everyone a salute from me

people have the power



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6 responses to “From Patti Smith

  1. people do have the power! i love you patti smith!

  2. Oh……I love Patti Smith SOOOO much.

  3. Ralph Cummings

    Flower Power.

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