Brookfield Letter to NYPD

In the following letter, Brookfield asserts ownership over Liberty Plaza and blames the occupation for “lewdness, groping, drinking and drug use” in the park as well as “unsanitary conditions and offensive odors.” Of course, that’s a perfect description of much of New York City on any day. However as anyone who visits the park knows, and contrary to the claims made in this letter, Liberty Plaza has been a respite from those conditions since the occupation began.

In addition, the letter complains of “packages of all shapes and sizes” which are not being “screened by our security team or the police for suspicious or harmful materials.” Clearly Brookfield is quite concerned about the ideas in all of those boxes of books we’ve been getting.

Despite clearly having no idea what’s really going on in the park and no grasp of the actual conditions, this letter asks the NYC Police to clear the park for cleaning. Here is the letter in full, now part of the People’s Library digital archive.


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2 responses to “Brookfield Letter to NYPD

  1. Michael

    Ha, yeah. The GA ought to just give sanitation a pile of money to rent power washers and do exactly what the corp says they want to do, but that way, we’d take away their excuse.

    Right now ows is calling for lots of brooms… Brooms aren’t gonna cut it.

  2. stevenimbus

    Green space?

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