OWSL now has its own lawyer!

A woman named Nicole stopped by the library last night and offered her legal services to us. She may be ideal for the job, since her regular job is as a criminal justice attorney for a non profit in New York. I was going to post her full details here, which she gave me permission to do, but I’ve decided to be discreet about that for the time being. Is there a way I can share such information with admins? Should I give Nicole’s email and phone number to other working group members at the library itself? Or just go ahead and post it in the spirit of free information? My only concern is for Nicole’s safety and privacy. We will, of course, make her part of the forthcoming phone tree.


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3 responses to “OWSL now has its own lawyer!

  1. Briar

    If Nicole OKed it to be posted publicly, it ought to be posted publicly. I have made a page for Library contacts and affiliated groups. I think this belongs there for the time being. There’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to get in touch with their library’s lawyer if she is on board with it.

  2. Michael

    I second sending it to the email address. Just a clarification though, not everyone in the working group is getting the emails from that address forwarded, either by their choice, or because they have written us and the email from them is in the inbox waiting to be acted on.

  3. if you send it to the email address, it should go to everybody on the library working group: owspeopleslibrary@gmail.com

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